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Beatrice and the Sunflower Gift
Beatrice and the Sunflower Gift is my first children’s book. It is about a small turtle named Beatrice, who is afraid to engage with the world around her. With the guidance of a little white butterfly, Beatrice goes on an adventure that helps her to develop self-confidence and make new friends. My book conveys that heartfelt actions can speak big volumes and that a leader can come in any shape or form!


Illustrated by: Tania Ramírez Cuevas

Publisher: Belle Isle Books

ISBN: 978-1-947860-05-6

Pages: 36

Price: $21.95

Official Release Date: April 20th, 2018

"Beatrice is a truly insightful and inspiring children's book ... a lovely tale of a shy, selfless turtle."

- Dr. Elizabeth Cappella, Distinguished Service Professor, SUNY


"All children will enjoy the lesson of making new friends, especially for a child seeking to build comfort and confidence in this challenging process."

- Dave Bauer, Author, What's Under That Rock, Papa? 

"Beatrice gently inspires young readers to be courageous; to choose curiosity over fear, and friendship over solitude. Kindness is contagious."

- M.T. DiVencenzo

Gloria's Hope Tree
Gloria's Hope Tree is a book about love and loss. It tells the story of a special maple tree, a young girl named Gloria and her father, and the deep bond they all share. Through this book, I hope to provide comfort to those who are grieving, for no one is meant to carry the weight of his or her struggles alone.  

Illustrated by: Tania Ramírez Cuevas

Publisher: Belle Isle Books

ISBN: 978-1-947860-51-3

Pages: 32

Price: $21.95

Official Release Date: August 12th, 2019

"A lonely maple tree and a grieving father and daughter come together to discover time, nature, compassion, and love can heal. Stephanie Parwulski's Gloria's Hope Tree is an excellent primer for young children learning to define emotions and to relate to how others may be feeling."

- KarenMarie Kauderer, BSW


"Stephanie Parwulski shines again in her second book with an authentic and heartwarming story of eternal love, beauty, and acceptance. Gloria's Hope Tree intertwines delicate topics such as grief, belonging, and compassion in a gentle approach. Truly inspiring!"

- Tara Schafer, Executive Director of Literacy NY Buffalo-Niagara